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September 26, 2016


Tomorrow’s senior draw

6.30pm: Court 1, S2 Shadows v Snapchats (Alannah Fry-Smith, Amber O’Neill); Court 2, S2 Chalkies v Funky Chicks (Steph Pearson, Brielle O’Meara); Court 6, S1 Wrma v Yeah Man (Narelle Costello, Amy Foster); Court 7, S1 Chickybabes v Warma Stars (Shelly Stockton, Emily Crocker).

7.30pm: Court 1, S2 VictoriousSecrets v Purple Haze (Shelly Stockton, Amber O’Neill); Court 2, S4 Happy Hippos v Hotshots (Lily Hindson, Kacey Conder); Court 6, S3 Swifts v Mixfits (Linda Dwyer, Narelle Costello); Court 7, S3 Leftovers v ATI Irrigation (Tiah D’Angri, Rachel Thorp).

emergency umpire: Emily Crocker.

8.30pm: Court 1, S2 Wizzbangers v Secret Weapons!Evonne Caine!Leah Kempster); Court 2, S4 Turtles v EMFMP!Rachel Thorp!Tiah D’Angri); Court 6, S1 Spring Chickens v United!Linda Dwyer!Amy Foster); Court 7, S3 Wii not Fit v Fuzion!Annalise Ball!Lily Hindson); bye: Rum n Raisin, Allstars, Motown Girls.

There is no play during School holidays in the Junior competition.

Wednesday mixed draw

6.30pm: Court 1, S1 Warma v Renegades (Eesha Clarke, Linda Dwyer); Court 2, S1 Phoenix v Here for Beer (Amber O’Neill, Amy Foster); Court 6, S4 Black Lightning v Mixed Bits (Kacey Conder, Betty McCoomb); Court 7, S4 Quickshots v Chicken Nuggets (Tiah D’Angri, Steph Pearson).

7.30pm: Court 1, S3 Skittles v Simonds (Linda Dwyer, Tiah D’Angri); Court 2, S2 De-Riv-Ative v Benchwarmers (Eesha Clarke, Jen Sullivan); Court 6, S2 Nets Top Model v Burnt Crackle (Amber O’Neill, Emily Crocker); Court 7, S3 Mixfits v Zingers (Leah Kempster, Rachel Thorp).

8.30pm: Court 1, S4 Chicks with Sticks v Willow Wanderers (Leah Kempster, Rachel Thorp); Court 2, S3 Motowners v Black Magic (Karen Fuller, Emily Crocker); Court 6, S2 Sober v Blue Balls (Jess Gledhill, Amy Foster); Court 7, S1 Funky Bunch v No Frills (Linda Dwyer, Jen Sullivan).

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