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October 04, 2016


Tomorrow’s senior draw

6.30pm: Court 1, S2 Funky Chicks v Shadows (Leah Kempster, Emily Crocker); Court 2, S2 Motown Girls v Wizzbangers (Georgia McGowan, Lily Hindson); Court 6, S1 Warma v Chickybabes (Lauren Gould, Amy Foster); Court 7, S3 Wii not Fit v Swifts (Allahnah Fry-Smith, Brielle O’Meara). Mentor: Linda Dwyer, Rose Buckley.

7.30pm: Court 1, S1 Rum n Raisin v Yeah Man (Narelle Costello, Georgia McGowan); Court 2, S4 Hotshots v EMFMP (Hannah Frazer, Tina Thompson); Court 6, S2 Victorious Secret v Secret Weapons (Lauren Gould, Shelly Stockton); Court 7, S3 Leftovers v Mixfits (Margaret Green, Emily Crocker). Mentor: Rose Buckley

8.30pm: Court 1, S2 Purple Haze v Chalkies (Narelle Costello , Annalise Ball); Court 2, S4 Happy Hippos v Allstars (Steph Pearson, Kasey Conder); Court 6, S1 Warma Stars v Spring Chickens (Shelly Stockton, Evonne Caine); Court 7, S3 Fuzion v ATI Irrigation (Tiah D’Angri, Brielle O’Meara). Mentor: Linda Dwyer. Byes: United, Snap Chats, Turtles.

Wednesday junior draw

4.30pm: Court 1, JA MIX TNB v Litlemons (Georgia McGowan, Eesha Clarke); Court 2, JB Mix Jets v No Skillz (Steph Pearson, Sarah McMahon); Court 3, JC Hotshots v Eagles (Claudia Fitzsimmons, Lily Hindson); Court 4, JBMix Electric v Rubix (Claudia Mawson, Alannah Gilmore); Court 5, PB Stargirls v KungFu Pandas (Geogia McLean, Rylea Hipwell); Court 6, JC Panthers v Mini Mes (Hannah Fraser, Brielle O’Meara); Court 7, JC Echuca Diamonds v Peas in Pod (Jenna Pellegrino, Harriet Fulton); Court 8, PA Little Pocket Rockets v Firebirds (Abbey Champion, Maya Kadri); Court 9, PB Little Vixens v Mini Mowers (Chelsea Beer, Yalti Jones); Court 10, PC Diamond Dolls v Sliding Penguins (Tayah Accurso, Matilda Fulton). Emergency: Emma Champion.

5.20pm: Court 1, JAMix Flamboyant Peanuts v Moo Moos (Emily Crocker, Bridget Byrne); Court 2, JBMix Wrangers v United (Leah Kempster, Eesha Clarke); Court 3, JB Team Blue v Tonny Blues (Steph Pearson, Claudia Mawson); Court 4, JB Black Magic v Fury (Alannah Fry Smith, Emmerson Simpson); Court 5, PB Thunderstorm v Easties (Emma Champion, Lucia Rochford); Court 6, JC Squad v Swifts (Harriet Fulton, Claire Byrne); Court 7, PA Steamers v Lollypops (Lara Judd, Amber Devereux); Court 8, JB Dangerous Divas v Pickled Onions (Alannah Gilmore, Sarah McMahon); Court 9, PB Go Girls v Cherry Bombs (Phoebe Thomas, Jaymi Clancy); Court 10, PC Shockwaves v Lil’ Angels (Dakota Monigatti, Macey Hall). Emergency: Heidi Hall. Byes: Dabstas, OneHit, Wonders, Fireworks, Westies.

Wednesday mixed draw

6.30pm: Court 1, SI Funky Bunch v Renegades (Eesha Clarke, Karen Fuller); Court 2, S2 Nets Top Model v Sober (Jess Gledhill, Tiah D’Angri); Court 6, S3 Zingers v Simonds (Holly McCoomb, Kasey Conder); Court 7, S4 Mixed Bits v Quickshots (Allanah Fry-Smith, Betty McCoomb). Emergency: Linda Dwyer.

7.30pm: Court 1, S1 Phoenix v No Frills (Jen Sullivan, Brenda Stenning); Court 2, S3 Plastered Penguins v Motowners (Karen Fuller, Jess Gledhill); Court 6, S4 Black Lightning v Willows Wanderers (Shelly Stockton, Emily Crocker); Court 7, S4 Trolley Pushers v Chicks with Sticks (Jess Evans, Holly McCoomb)

8.30pm: Court 1, S1 Here for Beer v Warma (Shelly Stockton, Brenda Stenning); Court 2, S2 Burnt Crackle v Benchwarmers (Jen Sullivan, Leah Kempster); Court 6, S2 De-riv-ative v Blues Balls (Amy Foster, Emily Crocker); Court 7, S3 Black Magic v Mixfits (Tiah D’Angri, Jess Evans). Byes: Skittles, Chicken Nuggets.

Echuca trots

ECHUCA Harness Racing Club is hosting an exciting night of harness racing at Frank Ryan Paceway, Simmie St, Echuca, on Wednesday.

Gates open 6pm and entry is free.

Bar, TAB and full dining facilities on track.

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