No sweat for youngster

October 12, 2016

Dylan Jardine, 12, completed the 12.5km Sweat vs Steam.

DYLAN Jardine may have been the youngest competitor to take on the 12.5km run in Sunday’s Sweat vs Steam.

At 12-years-old, he completed the race in 56:16.90, only 12 minutes behind the overall winner.

This was Dylan’s first attempt at the 12.5km distance after running the 5km three times before.

He’s been involved with fun runs since the age of nine and this year has started competing in 10km events, running in Wangaratta and Johno’s Run Melbourne to finish fifth in his category for both events.


Junior female

Lilianna Foley00:24:23.10

Sienna Johnston1000:25:14.50

Millar Kay-Kneebone00:25:56.20

Poppy Palmer00:27:48.50

Hannah Foley00:27:55.50

Jilly Jones00:28:07.40

Georgia Norman00:28:07.50

Chelsea Garner00:28:18.30

Emilia Reid00:28:58.70

Meg Millar00:30:49.00

Jaymi Clancy00:32:00.50

Samantha Serpell00:33:59.80

Aali Burgess00:34:32.60

Matildah Board00:34:56.20

Olivia Lee00:35:41.50

Kinsey Graham00:35:46.50

Olivia Board00:36:14.30

Charlotte Phipps00:38:15.00

Isabelle Burgess00:39:19.60

Denva Davis00:47:31.50

Eliza Leeds00:51:46.50

Junior male

Levi Hone00:21:00.20

Jasper Kay-Kneebone00:21:37.70

Jye Berryman00:22:34.80

Max Hagan00:22:40.50

Elijah Foley00:22:45.10

Jacob Haines00:22:55.70

Edward Brentnall00:22:58.00

Oliver Poole00:22:59.70

Kye Henson00:23:19.30

Angus Watson00:23:27.80

Finn Palmer00:23:54.40

Lachlan Watson00:23:56.70

Lachlan Eberle00:24:11.60

Jake Clancy00:24:20.00

Cameron Wills00:24:22.30

Freddy Mcloughlan00:24:26.80

Bowen Stone00:24:36.10

Ben Henson00:25:05.40

Lenny Griffiths00:25:06.50

Ethan Hall00:25:24.90

Hamish Prime00:25:48.90

Bailey Mckellar00:25:59.10

Jake Scragg00:26:03.00

Callam Dowling00:26:37.60

Jack Millar00:26:51.80

Xavier Mallick00:27:04.10

Darcy Prime00:27:55.40

Jack Davy00:28:02.70

Lenny Cook00:28:19.50

Isaac Watson00:28:44.40

Mitchell Shearer00:28:52.70

Lachie Barlow00:28:53.00

Liam Hearn00:28:57.50

Ashton Bond00:29:38.50

Luke Phipps00:30:02.70

William Graham00:30:09.10

George Griffiths00:30:12.80

Harry Barlow00:30:41.40

Seth Robinson00:31:38.50

Fynn Mcgillivray00:31:39.30

Lachlan Shearer00:32:37.10

Joseph Formica00:33:55.40

Lachlan Johnston00:35:49.30

Taj Elliott00:39:03.40

Mason Baeni00:39:04.20

Brayden Norton-Weis00:40:45.00

Rory Jardine00:41:13.60

Oscar Jezewski00:42:58.60

Jimmy Otto00:46:54.50

Tate Davis00:47:31.10

Cooper V00:48:12.30

Senior female

Taryn Furletti00:18:33.90

Zahra Hayes00:20:02.40

Sarah Fothergill00:23:47.20

Grace Mann00:23:47.30

Maggie Stewart00:24:52.60

Hannah Poole00:24:55.00

Phoebe Poole00:25:56.10

Jessica Zlateff00:26:14.10

Skye Hone00:26:24.30

Elizabeth Neale00:26:36.20

Majella Mcleod00:27:08.80

Emma Peters00:29:53.10

Hannah Norman00:30:35.50

Phoebe Voumard00:31:56.10

Annabel Lee00:32:32.20

Darcie Hearn00:33:44.60

Yalti Jones00:34:42.80

Sky Broadhead00:38:31.50

Kyeisha Mikolic00:38:31.60

Kaitlyn Scoble00:43:45.80

Bella Talbot00:48:12.00

Senior male

Archie Reid00:17:18.40

Oscar Reid00:19:15.50

Clayton Summers00:20:01.90

Louis Jarman00:20:15.70

Harrison Shearer00:20:46.60

Jack Nelson00:22:17.80

Shane Bell00:22:46.80

Tom Watson00:22:56.20

Daniel Summers00:22:59.40

Jaidyn Talbot00:23:40.50

Stanley Brentnall00:25:20.30

Jake Cardilini00:27:04.00

Shane Scragg00:28:00.30

Guy Mille00:46:40.20

Riley Angove00:46:55.30


Junior female

Angie Bastone01:29:42.20

Senior female

Kasey Scoble01:06:53.80


Tom Walker00:45:35.60

Oscar Holt00:47:54.60

Darcy Nelson00:51:19.20

Dylan Scoble00:54:53.10

Dylan Jardine00:56:16.90

Mitchell Robinson01:06:35.70

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