Tight round opens comp

October 14, 2016

It's been a tight round to start the 2016/2017 Pennant season in the Campaspe Valley Bowls Division.

In the weekend pennant, Moama and Echuca once again proved strong to beat with an excellent start to the season.

Four of Moama’s five teams came out on top and Echuca won four divisions, and achieved a draw in one.

Moama are on top of the ladder with Moama Bowling Club sports administrator Zane Mikin-Laurie saying it was good to start with a win.

‘‘Obviously it’s a good start — but it is a long season,’’ he said.

‘‘It’ll be business as usual for our guys and we’ll just look to get the teams right and ready in the next few weeks to have a good base to move into the second half of the season.’’

Division one hosted Deniliquin and thrived off the home ground advantage to take all 16 points in a comfortable 42 shot win overall.

Michael Walker’s rink was the most successful on the day with a 23-shot win and the luck continued in division two who had a four shot overall win with Vern Rehes rink taking a 10-shot margin to balance out the other two close games.

Division three won all rinks against Elmore, division four only managed two points with Neville Bullards rink the only winning rink in a 17 shot overall defeat.

Division five had both rinks up and took all points in their 25 shot win at home against Elmore.

Tongala and Echuca are closely behind Moama in division one, with Lockington on top in division two and four, Deni RSL leading division three and Echuca taking charge in division five.

CVBD chairman Barry Brown said it was good to see such a powerful start from all teams.

Rochester is in the lead in division one with a win in all three rinks and Mathoura and Elmore are top in division two after both conceding the one loss. In division three Echuca looks the strongest, however it’s early days yet.

Midweek Pennant results, Friday, October 7

Division one: Rich River (76) d Echuca (73), Moama (72) d Deniliquin (68), Rochester (86) d Lockington (41).

Division two: Echuca (75) d Rich River (65), Elmore (87) d Moama (56), Mathoura (83) d Rochester (32).

Division three: Echuca (68) d Rich River (32), Moama (51) d Deni United (44), Ky Valley View (53) d Tongala (34).

Weekend Pennant results, Saturday, October 8

Division one: Echuca (81) d Rich River (53), Moama (94) d Deniliquin (52), Tongala (94) d Rochester (39), Mathoura (78) d Deni RSL (69).

Division two: Echuca (74) d Rich River (61), Moama (68) d Rochester (66), Deniliquin (78) d Tongala (65), Lockington (85) d Mathoura (51).

Division three: Echuca (70) d Rich River (58), Moama (83) d Elmore (62), Tongala (68) d Rochester (57), Deni RSL (99) d Ky Valley View (50).

Division four: Rich River (66) draw Echuca (66), Deniliquin (85) d Moama (68), Rochester (74) d Tongala (68), Lockington (73) d Mathoura (56).

Division five: Echuca (70) d Tongala (27), Moama (60) d Elmore (35), Deniliquin (15) d Rochester (nil), Deni RSL (58) d Rich River (38).Rich River Bowls Club

Friday’s round two teams.

Division one v Lockington (home): V. Noar (s), J. Hocken, J. McEwan, B. Petch; R. Wheeler (s), R. Sinclair, J. Vise, W. Williams; L. Easther (s), M. Griffiths, M. Young, R. Sharp.

Division two v Mathoura (home): M. Stevens (s), P. Edgar, M. Carr, M. Smith; P. Stiles (s), M. Spinks, B. Kerr, A. Kosch; T. Beck (s), C. Mackenzie, L. Williams, F. Galvin.

Division three v Tongala (home): P. Sehestedt (s), H. Freeman, M. Kirk, J. White; B. Mills (s), E. Pineo, N. James, M. Walter.

Echuca Bowls Club

Friday’s round two teams

Division one: P Schram (s), L Roney, M Malone, L Phyland; R Gallagher (s), S Proctor, L Snell, J Palmer; M Cunnington (s), G Ryan, K Evans, N Hall.

Division two (at Rochester): L Beattie (s), E Thomas, L Brown, R Neil; H Trotter (s), J Breen, I Tyson, J Blake; M Shearer (s), H Pitts, E Mcgowan, A Vanderkley.

Division three: K Sperling (s), J Blaser, B Caldow, L West; J Moss (s), R Hyland, J Armstrong, L Robson.

Emergencies: V Balfour, M Hoelter, L Ormando.

Weekend Pennant teams

City of Echuca Bowls Club

Saturday’s round two teams.

Division one v Deniliquin (away): G. Beattie (s), S. Cunnington, J. Dinsdale, T. Hawley (m); P. Thorn (s), R. Milne, I. Hicks, W. Brooks; G. Thornley (s), J. Ferrier, S. Glasser, R. Kelly.

Division two v Rochester (home): Duty rink – J. Thomas (s), G. Hunter (m), E. Blampied, C. Taylor; G. Davis (s), I. Whiting, B. Cook, C. Berryman; T. Egan (s), T. Deenen, J. Brown, J. O’Brien.

Division three v Elmore (away): G. Mills (s), K. McAsey, R. North, D. Phyland; J. Blair (s), N. West, G. Clymo, B. Palmer; D. Hicks (s,m), G. Trotter, R. Crowther, L. Cole.

Division four v Deniliquin (home): R. Caldow (s), R. Tyson, K. McGowan, J. Shearer; S. Morgan (s), E. Smith, M. Spiers, B. Charman; J. Hollowood (s), P. Bell, J. Collins, S. McCarthy.

Division five v Elmore (away): J. Simpson (s), C. Walker (m), G. Rosenow, J. Dignan; D. Curtis (s), D. Peck, W. McRoyle, J. Stapleton.

Emergency: J. Catanese, R. Evans

Moama Bowls Club

Friday’s round two teams.

Division one v Rochester (away): M. Rehe (s), L. Smith, M. Meulenkamp, M. Gleeson; B. Trengove (s), L. Jones, P. Leibhardt, D. Armstrong; B. Eddy (s), R. Goudge, L. Williams, M. Brennan.

Division two v Rochester (away): K. Gillingham (s), C. Doherty, S. Littley, D. Hogan; S. Abraham (s), L. Watt, K. Brennan, J. McDonald; L. Rogan (s), I. Lacis, G. Bailey, P. Cook.

Division three v Ky Valley View (away): J. Marshall (s, m), L. Barbary, C. Pell, C. Butcher; E. Milgate (s), D. Height, H. Bakof, C. Ritchie.

Saturday’s round two teams.

Division one v Rich River (away): B. Brennan (s), G. Pettigrove, J. Hogan, G. Doward; K. Brennan (s), B. Davie, G. O’Brien, R. Young; M. Walker (s), R. Bunting, N. Bamford, A. Bailey.

Division two v Rich River (home): M. Holmes (s), M. Leibhardt, R. Ritchie, Ben Franklin; Vern Rehe (s), K. Maynard, A. Buzza, W. Stephenson; B. Trengrove (s), R. Allen, P. Broom, G. Johnston.

Division three v Rich River (away): N. Milgate (s), J. Kiely, I. McGregor, I. Smith; K. Geisler (s), S. Plowman, D. Blackburn, K. Young; B. Barbary (s), J. Shaw, G. Iredell, R. Jones.

Division four v Rich River (home): N. Bullard (s), P. Gaffney, N. Munro, R. Neely; S. Sutton (s), B. Kirk, T. Porter, F. Durazs; R. Sullivan (s), I. Roberts-Gay, M. Beaupeurt, B. O’Connell.

Division five v Tongala (away): W. Wadge (s), D. Lonnie, L. Butcher, G. Abraham; J. Kirkpatrick (s), A. Sheehan, R. Sunderland, K. Sipthorp.

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