Moama flexes muscles with strong wins in four divisions

October 21, 2016

Teams have settled into the swing of things with some much improved scores in Campaspe Valley Bowls Division round two pennant.

Moama once again proved strong in the weekend results winning four divisions and recording a landslide effort in division five, thumping Tongala 101 shots to 18 and winning both rinks.

City of Echuca’s division one side secured another win for the season — this time at Deniliquin’s expense.

They won all three rinks to stump the home team and skipper Philip Thorn said it’s always good to perform well in away games.

‘‘We usually have a good battle against Deniliquin,’’ he said.

Thorn’s rink was the most successful on the day, winning by 13 shots, with teams skipped by George Thornly and Geoff Beattie both finishing seven shots ahead.

‘‘Overall my rink had the closest match on the day,’’ Thorn said.

‘‘The other teams led all day, but we finished strongly, coming away at the end following a close contest.

‘‘We’ve played two games and had two good wins so we’re looking strong.

‘‘We have lots of players all bowling well and if we can keep them all we should do alright.’’

Thorn said Moama looks the team to beat this season in division one as they always play consistently well.

But Echuca have a state titleholder in their ranks, with Thorn returning victorious last week from the over 60s national championships.

‘‘It’s still a long season ahead. I hope to play well and do my bit for my club,’’ he said.

Echuca’s division two and division four also secured wins at the weekend, with division two also winning all three rinks.

Division four teams skipped by Steve Morgan and John Hollowood both won their games by 12 shots.

Division five narrowly lost against Elmore (four shots) and division three’s John Blair and his team of Bill Palmer, Greg Clymo and Noel West recorded the only winning rink, up five against Elmore.

In the midweek pennant, Echuca saw victories in division one and two and a narrow loss in division three.

The win put division two on top as the only team two win both rounds.

In division one, Moama continue to dominate in all three rinks with the team skipped by Merilyn Rehe’s defeating Rochester by 17 shots.

Their score of 34 put them highest for the round with Berryl Eddy and her team winning by ten shots and Bev Trengove’s team had an 11 shot victory to score 89 overall.

An impressive effort from all bowlers.

Midweek Pennant results, Friday, October 14

Division one: Echuca (72) d Deniliquin (54), Moama (89) d Rochester (51), Rich River (70) d Lockington (64).

Division two: Echuca (72) d Elmore (60), Moama (91) d Rochester (55), Rich River (83) d Mathoura (49).

Division three: Deni United (43) d Echuca (35), Ky Valley View (53) d Moama (45), Rich River (51) d Tongala (50).

Weekend Pennant results, Saturday, October 15

Division one: Echuca (84) d Deniliquin (57), Moama (69) d Rich River (56), Mathoura (71) d Rochester (67), Tongala (82) d Deni RSL (73).

Division two: Echuca (92) d Rochester (63), Moama (74) d Rich River (62), Mathoura (72) d Deniliquin (60), Tongala (82) d Lockington (69).

Division three: Elmore (86) d Echuca (68), Rich River (75) d Moama (70), Deni RSL (66) d Rochester (58), Ky Valley View (77) d Tongala (69).

Division four: Echuca (73) d Deniliquin (60), Moama (90) d Rich River (54), Mathoura (82) d Rochester (65), Lockington (97) d Tongala (34).

Division five: Elmore (43) d Echuca (39), Moama (101) d Tongala (18), Deni RSL (58) d Rochester (50), Deniliquin (58) d Rich River (55).

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