Women’s state fours finalised

November 23, 2016

Peter Holzer.

Brian Jones.

Deniliquin RSL's Winnie Pattinson.

Campaspe Valley bowls

Monday saw the CVBD women’s state fours finalised at Deniliquin Bowls Club.

Merilyn Rehe, Mandy Gleeson, Marilyn Stephenson and Sandra Connolly of Moama played Heather Curnick, Denise Pappin, Marg Knight and Lyn Moon from Rochester.

Conditions were a little warm, however, the girls coped well and were finished before the real heat hit.

Scores were fairly even until the 12th end, then Rochester shot away to score a 24-12 victory.

Rochester will now go on to play the Bendigo Division winner in the regional final in February.

The state pairs will be played at Rochester Bowls Club on December 5, 12 and 15. Entries close November 27 at 6pm.

The state triples were continued at City of Echuca Bowls in ideal conditions on Sunday, the opposite of the horrid conditions the previous Sunday.

The section winners were the Moama combination of Barry Brennan (s), Glen Dorward and Greg Pettigrove. The other team of Matt Liverton (s), Philip Thorn and Brett Reiner displayed some great draw bowling in the final.

The Moama team settled first and held a lead of 16-6 after 11 ends.

Liverton’s team then produced some fine draw bowling, with a classic revival to be only 15-17 after 17 ends of thrilling contest.

The Moama combination won the final end to win the title 18-15 and now represent the Campaspe Valley Bowls Division in the regional final to be played in Bendigo at a date to be announced.

Moama’s Marilyn Stephenson reached the semi-final of the state over 60’s singles played at Ocean Grove last Wednesday and Thursday.

Marilyn lost her semi-final, but she returned home as equal third in the state.

The Bendigo Campaspe Bowls Region final of the state women’s novice singles was held at Eaglehawk on Sunday.

This event was open to Ladies who have only been playing a little over 12 months.

Beryl Elliott of Rochester played Maureen Harris from Campbells Creek and started off well. However, Maureen overtook her and went on to win, 21 shots to 13.

Congratulations to both ladies.

Moama RSL

Indoor bowls results

On Monday 23 players played two games of 10 ends.

The winners on 34 points were Bev Guarda (s), Ernie Bunn and Eddy Williamson and Margaret Green.

Runners-up with 21 were Pamela Reymont(s), Heather Smith and Ray Beer.

Consolation prizes went to Roy Prigg, Rhys Jenkins, Topsy Haw and Janette Robertson.

Moama Bowling Club

Indoor bowls results

Sunday’s indoor social bowls: winners: H Lutz, K Hoppa, S Bunn, R Hooper. Runners-up: M Barkham, J McVicker, E Bunn, J Hooper.

Thursday’s indoor social bowls: winners: Bev Guarda, Hanna Lutz, Joy Hooper. Runners-up: Ed Williamson, Janet Robinson, John McVicker, Peter Pavone.

Tuesday, November 15, indoor social bowls: winners: John McVicker, Janet Robinson, Pat Nash, Joy Hooper. Runners-up: Dot Ryan, Lance Forster, Lyn McVicker.

Outdoor bowls results

Sunday’s mixed pairs: winners: Vera Curnow and Ray Sullivan. Runners-up: Rod Butt and Ron Jones.

Thursday’s ladies scroungers: winner: Bev Tregove. Runners-up: Sylvia Littley, Lois Barbary. Ditch to ditch: Glenys Bailey, Deidre Height.

Thursday’s mens pairs: winners: Jim Hogan and Barry Brennan. Runners-up: Greg Pettigrove and Graham O’Brien. Consolation: Bernie O’Connell and Rod Allen plus Arch Bailey and Glen Dorward.

Tuesday, November 15, ladies social: winners: Helen Sullivan, Glenys Bailey, Deana Hogan, Janette McDonald. Runners-up: Lois Barbary, Carolyn Butcher, Lorna Jones, Wendy Young.

Tuesday, November 15 Alby Matthews triples: winners: Allan Williams, Max Beaupeurt and Ian McGregor. Runners-up: Graeme Iredell, Bill Curnow and Bill Cook. Consolation: Mike Holmes, Keith Young and Gil Crouch, Brian Kirk, Norm Bamford.

Lockington bowls

Last Tuesday the women played a game of triples at their weekly social bowls.

The winning team comprised leading left-hander Joy Weller, Betty Mustey and the resurgent Lesla Maslen (s) in an all round fine display.

On Wednesday the women hosted the annual invitation fours attracting a field of 72 bowlers from several district clubs.

Lady President Pauline Humbert thanked the sponsors Ray White Rochester and Coburn and Reid Pharmacy Echuca for their continued support.

The winning team hailed from City of Echuca with Ros Neale, Marie Malone, Helen Pitts and Joan Moss (s) collecting the major trophies.

In second place was Heather Bakof, Irene Lacis, Lois Barbary and Jill Marshall (s) from Moama on a countback from Merle Smith, Prill Edgar, Margaret Griffiths and Rose Wheeler (s) (Rich River). Spider winners were Elly McGowan (City of Echuca) and Anne Williams (Elmore). Bowl to the ditch was Rhonda Gallagher (City of Echuca) and Liz Easther (Rich River). Competition winners Jenny Major (Rochester), Margaret Young (Rich River) and Toni Beck (Rich River).

The greens were splendid.

In the Campaspe Valley Bowls Division midweek pennant our division one team was triumphant over second placed Rochester to record their first win for the season.

Previous games against the top teams resulted in close affairs, so this victory may lead to more favourable results. Lockington 67 defeated Rochester 58. (Anne Lowrie, Betty Mustey, Lesla Maslen, Kath Palmer (s) defeated L Moon 24-20; Lorraine Appleby, Annie Haines, Phylis MacFarlane, Lois Chugg (s) drew D Pappin 25 all; Annette Brereton, Alan Kauffman, Marie Davie, Pauline Humbert (s) d. M Knight 18-13).

The weekend pennant was not a happy day for the club as both division two and four lost their respective matches to the visiting Moama sides.

Divison two failed to get a rink up in the 55-96 debacle. (F Chugg, P Cunnington, R Shawcross, D Isgro lost to V Rehe 21-25; R Head, R Holman, A Kauffman, J Harris (s) lost to N Bamford 15-39; L McInnes, T Davis, D Lupton, G Turner (s) lost to B Trengove 19-32).

The division four clash resulted in two rinks up but a disappointing effort from the third rink proved a major disaster as the Moama squad won the battle 78-64. (K Stout, G Hyden, P Collins, L Brereton (s) defeated R Ritchie 23-20; C Stewart, N Bacon, N Haines, G Shawcross (s) lost to D Blackburn 15-34; I Palmer, B Musgrove, S Peter, K Main (s) d R Sullivan 26-24). By some miracle division four have regained a spot in the four on the premiership ladder.

The club championship draws are on display in the clubhouse. Bowlers are encouraged to complete games as soon as possible to avoid delays.

The Lockington Bowls Club extend sincere sentiments to the Elmore Bowls Club on the passing of Maurie Grogan who was a well respected bowler and past president of the 60 and over competition.

City of Echuca bowls

Seventy-eight bowlers participated in the Kennaugh mixed triples last week.

After three games were played and a fine meal enjoyed, trophies were presented to the following teams.

1, John Blair, Viv Balfour and Russell Evans, 2, Pat Schram, Michelle Cunnington and Steve Cunnington, 3, Carl Davis, Marg Shearer and Jack Shearer.

Best last game was awarded to Gary Hunter, Lyn Snell and Eddie Blampied

Bowls results

Mixed triples, Monday, November 14: 1, Gary Hunter, Lyn Evans and Jackie Wagner, 2, Noel West, Lorraine West and Lorelle Opthoog.

Men’s pairs, Thursday, November 17: 1, Col Walker and Sam Nastasi, 2, John O’Brien and Russell Evans, 3, Brian O’Meara and Rob Anset. Best last game went to Russell Kelly and John Dinsdale.

Rochester Bowls Club

Saturday’s round seven pennant teams.

Division one v Rich River (home): B. Major (s), B. Jones, P. Stahl, D. Gillies; R. Feuk (s), G. Willis, R. Knight, R. Clayton; P. Holzer (s), L. Wallis, D. Hooper, T. Quinlan.

Division two v Lockington (away): S. Mills (s), R. Howe, N. Sexton, L. Milgate; J. Weeks (s), A Crilly, J. Boyd, K. Snowden; G. Browne (s), R. Turner, P. Stack, R. Gledhill.

Division three v Rich River (home): G. Chambers (s), G. Whitehead, K. Burrow, R. Lees; H. Moon (s), H. Holzer, D. Hocking, J. Hirst; A. Gusak (s), C. Usher, G. Houlihan, K. McCormack.

Division four v Rich River (away): R. Stranger (s), R. Franklin, N. Christie, J. Pentelow; B. Kneebone (s), M. MacRaild, G. Walkley, K. Hall; G. W- Brown (s), G. Prince, J. Hender, G. McCarty.

Division five v Tongala (home): D. Thompson (s), P. Hampson, G. Warden, A. Darbyshire; R. Hynes (s), J. Major, W. Ault, R. McAsey.

Rich River bowls

Saturday’s round seven teams

Division one v Rochester (away): G. Page (s), I. Page, K. Jones, E. Xodo; T. Nagorcka (s), M. Kosch, G. Stevens, K. Martin; T. Noar (s), R. Taylor, R. Jackson, N. Dixon.

Division two v Deniliquin (home): D. Alden (s), B. Barlett, R. Ritchie, G. Devlin; H. Davies (s), N. Hodge, G. Moffat, R. Bentley; B. Devlin (s), R. King, R. Brereton, N. Brereton.

Division three v Rochester (away): B. Downer (s), A. Brown, L. Whyte, A. French; R. Holmfield (s), B. Watts, B. McEwan, L. Phillips; M. Bidgood (s), R. Berryman, L. Sharp, P. Moon.

Division four v Rochester (home): B. Kelly (s), W. Stiles, K. Robertson, R. Luke; J. James (s), J. Exton, G. Rayner, B. Pratt; Duty team: D. Sehestedt (s), P. Wallace, A. Linquist, A. Hawken.

Division five v Elmore (away): M. Kerr (s), J. Travena, J. Hewlett, N. Mott; V. Woods (s), M. Whyte, D. Jay, B. White.

Emergencies: J. Paterson, K. Rowan.

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