Bowls notes

January 28, 2017


Tomorrow’s weekend pennant teams

Division one v Rich River (home): T. Mansbridge (s), A. Vesty, M. Lewis, A. Murphy; R. Werner (s), C. Roberts, S. O’Callagan, K. Crack; M. Humphries (s), L. Bates, A. Hulm, I. Hunter.

Division two v Rich River (away): R. Murphy (s), L. Whelan, K. Connolly, P. Kearney; J. Hulm (s), B. Murray, D. Murray, A. Jackson; L. Vallance (s), L. Hayes, S. Limbrick, R. Ireland. Bus leaves 12.15pm.

Division four v Rich River (home): S. Dinan (s), B. Ireland, G. Hulm, R. Jefferies; A. Prime (s), P. Limbrick, P. Clear, P. Thorpe; D. Berryman (s), B. McMillan, J. Dean, C. Phippen.

Emergencies: B. Vesty, G. Lumsden.


Indoor bowls results

Sunday, January 22

Winners: Joyce Selkrig, Eddie Williamson, Colin Hicks, Ron Hooper.

Runners-up: John McVicker, Lyn McVicker, Peter Pavone.

Thursday, January 19

Winners: Meryl Clancy, Hannah Lutz, Lyn McVicker, Ivy Nash.

Runners-up: Johanna Bromsgeest, Mike Barkham, Fay Smith.

Tuesday, January 17

Winners: Meryl Clancy, Bev Williamson, Lyn McVicker, Joy Hooper.

Runners-up: Bev Guarda, Mike Barkham, Pat Nash.

Outdoor bowls results

Sunday, January 22, mixed pairs

Winners: Lois Barbary, Bill Curnow.

Runners-up: Vera Curnow, Wilma Curnow. Consolation: Neville Varcoe, Cheryl Pell.

Thursday, January 19, men’s pairs

Winners: Wayne Stephenson, Neville Varcoe.

Runners-up: Ian McGregor, Les Saunderson.

Consolation: Glen Dorward, Barry Brennan and Greg Pettigrove, Neil Leonard.

Women’s scroungers

Winners: Ev Milgate, Mary Kaine, Lois Barbary, Bev Trengove, Wilma Curnow.

Ditch to ditch: Kath Wastell, Bev Carra.

Tuesday, January 17, women’s social

Winners: Irene Lacis, Dawn Armstrong, Laurelle Smith.

Runners-up: Bev Carra, Lorna Jones, Merilyn Rehe, Bev Trengove.

Today’s midweek pennant teams.

Division one v Rochester (away): M. Stephenson (s), L. Smith, K. Wastell, M. Rehe; S. Connolly (s), C. Ritchie, P. Leibhardt, B. Trengove (m); B. Eddy (s), R. Goudge, L. Williams, M. Brennan.

Division two v Rochester (away): K. Gillingham (s), I. Lacis, L. Jones (m), D. Hogan; L. Rogan (s), C. Doherty, G. Bailey, D. Armstrong; S. Abraham (s), L. Watt, J. McDonald, M. Gleeson.

Division three v Ky Valley View (away): J. Marshall (s, m), C. Pell, K. Brennan, A. Matchett; M. Meulenkamp (s), L. Barbary, E. Milgate, B. Bell.

Tomorrow’s weekend pennant teams.

Division one v Tongala (home): B. Brennan (s, m), G. Pettigrove, J. Hogan, G. Doward; K. Brennan (s), B. Davie, G. O’Brien, V. Rehe; M. Chaplin (s), A Bailey, R. Wastell, A. Birch.

Division two v Tongala (away): N. Varcoe (s), K. Maynard, K. Geisler, R. Bunting; N. Bamford (s), K. Young, G. Johnston, W. Stephenson (m); B. Trengrove (s), M. Leibhardt, P. Broom, M. Holmes.

Division three v Tongala (home): I. McGregor (s), J. Kiely, B. Cutriss, N. Milgate; S. Sutton (s), G. Iredell, R. Allen, B. Franklin; B. Barbary (s), R. Jones, I. Smith (m), A. Jones.

Division four v Tongala (away): N. Bullard (s), N. Munro, R. Sunderland, F. Durasz; D. Blackburn (s), J. Shaw, W. Wadge, B. Kirk (m); R. Sullivan (s), J. Ryan, M. Beaupeurt, B. O’Connell.

Division five v Deniliquin (home): T. Porter (s), P. Gaffney, I. Roberts-Gay, A. Montgomery; J. Kirkpatrick (s), R. Neeley, S. Plowman, K. Sipthorp (m).

Rich River

THE women’s social bowls on Tuesday, January 24 was generously sponsored by Moama Village Pharmacy.

Twenty ladies enjoyed the event and winners were Shirley McGann, Margaret Spinks and Noelene King.

Runners-up were Jan Hocken, Margaret Kirk, Joyce Brereton and Wendy Nagorcka.

The list for the 100-up competition is on the notice board, entries close on February 7.

Jackpot pairs results

This week’s winners were Max Bidgood and McEwan-French (58+18), runners-up were Greg Clymo and Graeme Edgar (53+6), and KD Martin and Vic Woods (53+6) third.

Repechage was won by Barry Downer and Geoff Stevens (+16).


CAMPASPE Valley Bowls Division’s state mixed pairs will be played at Deniliquin Bowls Club on Sunday.

Roll up at 9.15am and lunch will be available at the club.

The eight-section draw is as follows: Section 1 (skippers only) J. Moss, S. Limbrick, B. Davie, T. Todd; Section 2 D. Hessel, M. Wuvvels, R. Bunting, S. Lyon; Section 3 W. Stephenson, M. Quor, I. Hicks, B. Brennan; Section 4 S.Connolly, D. O’Keefe, I. Parkinson, R. Young; Section 5 V. Rehe, B. Trengove, P. Thorn, S. Lang; Section 6 T. Tonta, S. Cunnington, B. Murray, L. Bates; Section 7 A. Prime, L. Saunderson, H. Lea; Section 8 T. Taylor, S. Treulsen, G. Hunter.

Rich River indoor

RESULTS from Friday, January 20 saw Roy Prigg skip the winning team with Miriam Pascoe and Dot Brennan, defeating Bob Pascoe (skip), Helen Sullivan and Jordan Hales.

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