Village upset keeps LBU keen for more success

February 03, 2017

Lockington-Bamawm United 1 made it two in a row following a round 13 upset against Echuca Village on Saturday.


Section 1

LOCKINGTON-BAMAWM United 1 made it two in a row following a round 13 upset against Echuca Village on Saturday.

Teams played at Echuca Village courts for the Campaspe Tennis Association section 1 clash and with only five games separating the final scoreboard (61/6-56/7) the day could have been won by either side.

But LBU was awarded the points after an undermanned Village was made to forfeit two sets.

Jean Voss, Mary Moss and Kelli Bartlett played out three of the women’s doubles being a woman down, and Moss was able to win two of the sets to keep Village in the game.

However LBU held strong in four of the remaining matches; Matt Bongiovanni and Brad Kellett (7-5), Joss Howlett and Stanley Brentnall (6-3) and Cynthia Brn and Meagan Brentnall (6-4) winning their doubles.

Bongiovanni also claimed his singles 6-1 against a tough opponent in Callum Egan.

Village’s Tim Harley won his singles convincingly against Joss Howlett (6-1) and went on to record another win in the mixed with Voss (6-4).

Village will be hoping to field a full side tomorrow when it takes on Rochester 2 at Rochester, while LBU are likely to make it three in a row when they take on Echuca Lawn at home.

A dominant performance from Echuca South 1 earned the side a 28-game win against Echuca Lawn on Saturday at South’s courts.

South only dropped three sets for the day to win 73-games, 10-sets to 45-games, three-sets overall.

Ben Potter was a standout player for South, claiming all three of his matches to put his side in a strong position.

Donna Glen and Louisa Dean were the most consistent of the women to win their doubles sets with Sarah Brighton and Sarah Dixon, while Sharon Moon and M. Noske recorded the only doubles victory for Lawn.

Section 2A

Jack Milligan was a stand out in the weekend’s section 2A match between LBU 2 and Rich River 3 at Lockington Tennis Club.

He and Cody Lind begun the day with a 6-0 victory in the doubles before going on to win his singles 6-0 against Blake Curnow.

Lachlan Collins had to cut his singles campaign short after injury called for an early retirement, however he came back strongly in the mixed set with Hayley Coghill (6-3).

Coghill, Jemma McNair, Meg Howlett and Jess Johnnson were only able to secure one doubles set against Rich River’s women in a tie-break.

The home side came away by 12 games overall (67/7-55/6).

Echuca South 3 maintained top spot on the ladder following another victory on Saturday at the Echuca South courts.

Despite the best efforts of Rochester 4 a home-ground advantage won out on the day, South taking the day by 16 games overall (72/9-56/4).

Only four sets fell the way of the Rochester team, with Patrick and Ryan Mulcahy and Luca Mulloso winning their three sets.

Zac Flemming and Lucy Eishold were close to winning in their mixed before going down 3-6, while Ryan and Sue Mulcahy had a tough final match against Chris Murray and Kirstie Gebbie which had them win in tie-break.

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