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May 09, 2017

WEEK nine saw three very rusty competitors playing in their matches and the three week break combined with cold fingers added to some interesting play this week.


This week’s results

Division one: Jets def Workers Warriors 6/5, Tex def Border Storm 7/4, Dart Pricks def Barmah 1 9/2, Pastoral def Buddas Badboys 7/4. 180’s for the round: C. Milgate, S. Mensforth, D. Manners. G.Ward - 171. S. Mensforth - 107 (highest peg).

Division two: Tongala def Barmah 2 10/1, Stanhope def Trouble makers 7/4, Dads Army def Rochy Leftovers 6/5, Sportie Bulls def Rochy Deviants 9/2. P. Oats - 109 (highest peg).


Tomorrow’s senior draw

5.30pm: Court 1, GR 6/7 Westies v Nike (Jenna Pellegrino, Claudia Fitzsimmons); Court 6, GR 6/7 LBU Kittens v Adidas (Allannah Fry Smith, Corey Drennan).

6.30pm: Court 1, S3 JFF v Victorious Secret (Shelly Stockton, Alannah Fry Smith); Court 2, S4 Happy Hippos v Hotshots (Betty McCoomb, Lara Judd); Court 6, S3 Chalkies v The Flock (Emily Crocker, Kasey Conder).


Court 1, S1/2 Golden Girls v Pink and Blue (Evonne Caine, Shelly Stockton); Court 2, S1/2 Bragson v Chickybabes (Jen Sullivan, Lauren Gould); Court 6, S3 Funky Chicks v Moama (Leah Kempster, Jess Gledhill).

8.30pm: Court 1, S1/2 Midnight Madness v Yeah Man (Jen Sullivan, Emily Crocker); Court 2, S4 EMFMP v Cold Hits (Jess Gledhill, Claudia Mawson); Court 6, S4 Mini Mes v Wolfpack (Tiah D’Angri, Leah Kempster).

Wednesday’s mixed draw

6.30pm: Court 1, S1/2 Phoenix v Ceres (Karen Fuller, Claudia Mawson); Court 6, S3/4 Shaft v Family Ties (Leah Kempster, Tiah D’Angri); Court 7, S1/2 Sharon Strezleckis v Funky Bunch (Emily Crocker, Brenda Stenning).

7.30pm: Court 1, S1/2 No Frills v Plastered Penguins (Leah Kempster, Brenda Stenning); Court 6, S3/4 Simonds v The Specialists (Claudia Mawson, Rohan Starkey); Court 7, A3/4 Derivative v Jam Donuts (Tiah D’Angri, Emily Crocker). Bye, Sober


WEEK nine saw three very rusty competitors playing in their matches and the three week break combined with cold fingers added to some interesting play this week.

Triple J (John, Jimmy and Josh) had a good win over Champions (Ash, Sarah and Carlos) winning seven matches to four, to put Triple J into second position and push Champions into third spot.

Thanks to Joel, Shannon and Kyle for filling in for Triple J and taking them to a win.

This match saw Jimmy and Keith put up a strong doubles game against Ash and Sarah to come up with a good win which decided the match.

However, A to Z (Ray, Alan and Nila) had strong win over Dat Boi (Dennis, Mike and Lucas) winning 8-3 to consolidate their position at the head of the ladder.

The best battle of this match was the singles between Dennis and Alan with Alan getting up in five.

In the final match, Top Spins (Cam, Kyle an Meg) put an end to the run by Stersey (Darcy, Mike and Jesse), getting up 7-4, with Kyle having a fantastic night beating Darcy in five and being undefeated for the night.

We would also like to wish all the best for Geoff Nesbitt and hope he gets well soon.


Team MSG

A to Z 752169

Triple J 550153

Champions 547169

TopSpins 539141

Stersey 337133

Dat Boi 234122

Bumble Bees 032114

Moama bowls

Indoor bowls

Sunday: Winners: Dot Ryan, Mike Barkham, John McVicker, Ron Hooper. Runners-up: Ken Hopper, Joy Selkrig, Lyn McVicker, Joan Heales.

Tuesday, April 25: Winners: Jeanette Robertson, John McVicker, Peter Pavone. Runners-up: Ray Selkrig, Norm Thomson, Ron Hooper.

Outdoor bowls

Sunday Roast mixed pairs: Winners: Beryl Bell, Ron Bunting. Runners-up: Lucy Sheppard, Barry Barbary. Consolation: Jill Marshall, Phil Bell and Noel Milgate, Tom Glass.

Saturday’s men’s pairs: Winners: Arch Bailey, Peter Broom. Runners-up: Bernie O’Connell, Rod Allen. Consolation: T. Hawley, George Thornely and M. Macrale, Alan Jones.

Thursday, April 27, men’s pairs: Winners: Trevor Ough, Andy Stoeckel. Runners-up: Norm Hodge, Ron Bentley. Consolation: Garth Wiffen, Stan Mills and Ray Sullivan, Noel Milgate.

Ladies Scroungers: Winners: Glenys Bailey, Lucy Sheppard, Carmel Simpson, Beryl Bell, Lois Barbary. Ditch to ditch: Shirley Ritter, Jill Marshall.

Tuesday, April 25, Alby Matthews triples: Winners: Barry Barbary, Ray Sullivan, Robert Neely. Runners-up: Mike Holmes, Keith Young, Gil Crouch. Consolation: Ben Franklin, Gordon Kaeser, John Shaw.

Rich River women’s bowls

TUESDAY saw the final organised social bowls for the season.

Winners for the day were Virginia Noar and Lesley Mitchell.

Carpet bowls begins on Tuesday, May 30, names to be posted on the bowls board in the women’s locker room.

Opening day for the outdoor lawn bowls season 2017and18 will be September 5.

There will be an information session for members of Rich River Golf Resort regarding stage two refurbishments on Tuesday, May 9, at 5.30pm in Tatalia 1.

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