Showdown meets the hype

November 23, 2017

Emily Lake of Rich River during the CTA C Juniors Tennis match between Rich River and Rochester. Photo by Luke Hemer.

Ebbeny Jettner of Rich River during the CTA C Juniors Tennis match between Rich River and Rochester. Photo by Luke Hemer.

Dylan Stapleton of Echuca South during the CTA Section 1 match between Echuca South and LBU. Photo by Luke Hemer.

IN THE CTA, the much anticipated show down between Echuca South 1 and Echuca South 2 delivered a match only separated by six games.

With four sets remaining, ES1 had ES2 on the ropes, but back to back dominant sets saw 2 come within a few games of their inter-club rivals.

A strong performance by Brighton and Dixon in the penultimate set was enough to lock the game.

In Junior B Murray, Rochester 11 and LBU 6 produced the most stunning result of the season, becoming the first match in any section to end the game in a complete deadlock at three sets, 24 games a piece.

In the GMLTA, it was another Echuca v Echuca match that stole the show, with just three games separating the Cats and Bulldogs at the end of the match.


Section 1

Rochester 1 (8 sets, 78 games) def. Rochester 2 (5 sets, 71 games)

T. Holmberg and M. Dingwall def. G. Tiller and L. Evans 8-6, Z. Holmberg def. J. Coghill 6-4, Z. Holmberg and C. Hooppell def. N. Hocking and L. Williams 8-6, J. Nelson and J. ZCrockett lost to R. Holmberg and L. Gledhill 4-8, S. Holmberg and B. McCarty 3-8, Z. Holmberg and J. Nelson lost to J. Coghill and G. Tiller 3-8, T. Holmberg and S. Holmberg def. N. Hocking and R. Holmberg 8-3, J. Nelson and S. Holmberg lost to G. Tiller and R. Holmberg 3-8, M. Dingwall and C. Hooppell def. L. Evans and L. Williams 8-3, J. Crockett and B. McCarty lost to L. Gledhill and A. Ingram 5-8, M. Dingwall and J. Crockett def. L. Evans and L. Gledhill 8-2, C. Hooppell and B. McCarty def. L. Williams and A. Ingram 8-5, T. Holmberg def. N. Hocking 6-2.

LBU 1 (11 sets, 94 games) def. Echuca South 3 (2 sets, 48 games)

J. Howlett and C. Brn def. R. Keil and M. Molluso 8-2, J. Howlett def. D. Stapleton 6-2, S. Brentnall and M. Brentnall def. D. Stapleton and L. Taylor 8-4, L. Collins and A. Todd def. J. Quinn and D. Glenn 8-3, M. Bongiovanni and M. Stone def. D. Poole and P. Poole 8-4, J. Howlett and M. Bongiovanni lost to D. Stapleton and D. Poole 7-8, S. Brentnall and L. Collins def. R. Keil and J. Quinn 8-3, M. Bongiovanni and L. Collins lost to D. Poole and J. Quinn 3-8, C. Brn and M. Brentnall def. M. Molluso and L. Taylor 8-2, M. Stone and A. Todd def. D. Glenn and P. Poole 8-2, C. Brn and M. Stone def. M. Molluso and D. Glenn 8-2, M. Brentnall and A. Todd def. L. Taylor and P. Poole 8-5, S. Brentnall def. R. Keil 6-3.

Echuca South 1 (7 sets, 75 games) def. Echuca South 2 (5 sets, 69 games)

H. Armstrong and L. Beattie def. A. James and S. Mulcahy 8-4, H. Armstrong def. A. James 6-1, M. Brighton and S. Brighton def. H. James and H. Trewick 8-5, M. Summers and S. Dixon lost to L. Molluso and K. Mulcahy 1-8, R. Caldwell and G. Drakatos def. B. James and J. James 8-7, H. Armstrong and M. Brighton lost to A. James and L. Molluso 5-8, M. Summers and R. Caldwell def. H. James and B. James 8-5, M. Brighton and R. Caldwell lost to L. Molluso and B. James 7-8, L. Dean and S. brighton def. K. Trewick and K. Mulcahy 8-0, L. Beattie and S. Dixon lost to S. Mulcahy and J. James 5-8, L. Dean and G. Drakatos lost to H. Trewick and S. Mulcahy 3-8, S. Brighton and S. Dixon def. K. Mulcahy and J. James 8-1, M. Summers lost to H. James 0-6.

Rich River (7 sets, 80 games) def. Echuca Lawn 1 (6 sets, 72 games)

C. Egan and K. Egan lost to H. Melville and S. Fayle 5-8, C. Egan def. H. Melville 7-5, D. Devereux and D. Angove def. D. Mackrelll and R. McCluskey 8-5, B. Angove and C. Emmerson lost to I. Sinnett and M. Moss 6-8, T. Devereux and K. Bartlett def. R. marks and E. Canning 8-5, C. Egan and P. Godfrey lost to H. Melville and D. Mackrell 5-8, D. Devereux and B. Angive def. I. Sinnett and R. Marks 8-4, P. Godfrey and T. Devereux lost to D. Mackrell and R. Marks 3-8, T. Godfrey and C. Emmerson lost to R. McCluskey and M. Moss 6-8, K. Egan and K. Bartlett def. S. Fayle and E. Canning 8-1, T. Godfrey and K. Egan lost to R. McCluskey and S. Fayle 2-8, C. Emmerson and K. Bartlett def. M. Moss and E. Canning 8-1, D. Devereux def. I. Sinnett 6-3.

Section 2

Rich River 2 (6 sets, 62 games) def. LBU 2 (7 sets, 55 games)

L. Pitts and J. Sudholz def. M. Jones and J. McNair 6-3, L. Pitts def. M. Jones 4-6, M. George and Y. Mathers def. B. Humbert and B. Howlett 6-1, L. Pitts and A. Kingma lost to C. Gardiner and K. Duncan 3-6, J. Hogan and S. Jones lost to L. Ross and R. Eade 4-6, L. Pitts and B. Sudholz def. M. Jones and C. Gardiner 6-4, M. George and J. Hogan lost to B. Humbert and L. Ross 5-7, B. Sudholz and J. Hogan def. C. Gardiner and L. Ross 6-2, J. Sudholz and Y. Mathers def. J. McNair and B. Howlett 6-0, A. Kingma and S. Jones lost to K. Duncan and R. Eade 3-6, J. Sudholz and A. Kingma lost to J. McNair and K. Duncan 4-6, Y. Mathers and S. Jones lost to B. Howlett and R. Eade 3-6, M. George def. B. Humbert 6-2.

Rochester 4 (9 sets, 70 games) def. Elmore 1 (4 sets, 59 games)

R. Fiedler and R. Wolfe def. R. Byrne and A. Rosaia 7-6, J. Baker lost to R. Byrne 0-6, B. Fiedler and C. Fiedler def. J. Tobin and C. Holmberg 7-6, J. Baker and H. Hocking def. B. Niven and T. Pratt 6-3, J. Hocking and B. Baker lost to J. Holmberg and R. Johnson 6-7, J. Baker and R. Fiedler def. R. Byrne and J. Tobin 6-4, B. Fiedler and J. Hocking def. J. Holmberg and B. Niven 6-2, R. Fiedler and J. Hocking def. J. Tobin and B. Niven 7-6, C. Fiedler and H. Hocking lost to R. Johnson and T. Pratt 4-6, R. Wolfe and B. Baker def. A. Rosaia and C. Holmberg 6-2, C. Fiedler and R. Wolfe def. R. Johnson and A. Rosaia 6-1, R. Wolfe and B. Baker lost to T. Pratt and C. Holmberg, B. Fiedler def. J. Holmberg 6-4.

Colbinabbin 1 v Rochester 3

H. Barlow and M. Ryan def. C. Murray and K. Gebbie 6-4, H. Barlow lost to C. Murray 3-6, H. Hamilton and P. Morrow lost to R. Else and V. Snelling 2-6, C. Hamilton and K. Stewart def. W. Peacock and J. McCormick 6-2, P. Morgan and L. Wareham lost to D. Myers and Z. Hocking 4-6, H. Barlow and H. Hamilton def. C. Murray and W. Peacock 6-2, C. hamilton and W. Morrow def. R. Else and D. Myers 6-3, P. morgan and W. Morrow def. W. Peacock and D. Myers 6-4, L. Knight and M. Ryan lost to K. Gebbie and V. Snelling 1-6, P. Morrow and L. Wareham def. J. McCormick and Z. Hocking 7-6, L. Knight and P. Morrow lost to K. Gebbie and J. McCormick 4-6, M. Ryan and K. Stewart def. V. Snelling and Z. Hocking 7-6, C. Hamilton def. R. Else 6-4.

Junior A

Rochester 5 (4 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 3 (4 sets, 35 games)

Echuca South 5 (6 sets, 42 games) def. Rochester 7 (2 sets, 29 games)

Echuca South 4 (8 sets, 48 games) def. LBU 4 (0 sets, 12 games)

Bye: Rochester 6

Junior B Campaspe

Rochester 8 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Rochester 9 (0 sets, 12 games)

Colbinabbin 2 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 5 (0 sets, 8 games)

Echuca South 6 (6 sets, 36 games) Echuca Lawn 2 (0 sets, 22 games)

Rochester 10 (4 sets, 32 games) def. Echuca South 7 (2 sets, 19 games)

Bye: Elmore 2

Junior B Murray

Rich River 3 (3 sets, 27 games) def. Rochester 13 (3 sets, 25 games)

Rochester 11 (3 sets, 24 games) drew with LBU 6 (3 sets, 24 games)

Echuca South 8 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Rochester 12 (0 sets, 0 games) by forfeit

Echuca South 9 (5 sets, 32 games) def. LBU 7 (1 set, 17 games)

Junior C

Rich River 4 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Rochester 14 (0 sets, 6 games)

LBU 8 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Rochester 15 (0 sets, 16 games)

Rochester 16 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 9 (0 sets, 10 games)

Echuca Lawn 3 (4 sets, 31 games) v Elmore 3 (2 sets, 19 games)GMLTA


Numurkah Raiders (5 sets, 63 games) def. Echuca South (6 sets, 61 games)

C. Curtis-McDonald lost to J. Godfrey 5-6, A. Storer lost to C. Potter 4-6, C. Briggs lost to A. Hubacek 0-6, C. Church lost to T. Godfrey 3-6, C. Curtis-McDonald and C. McKay def. J. Godfrey and C. Milnes 8-4, A. Storer and C. MacKay def. C. Potter and C. Milnes 8-4, C. Briggs and K. Beatson def. A. Hubacek and H. Poole 8-5,

Cara Briggs, C. Church and K. Beatson lost to T. Godfrey and H. Poole 5-8, C. Curtis-McDonald and C. Briggs def. C. Potter and A. Hubacek 8-5, A. Storer and C. Church def. C. Milnes and T. Godfrey 8-3, C. MacKay and K. Beatson lost to J. Godfrey and H. Poole 6-8.

Kyabram Bombers (6 sets, 58 games) def. Rich River Rebels (5 sets, 53 games)

T. Skyes def. D. Tomkins 6-4, J. Howe lost to J. Bavich 1-6, E. Ryan lost to D. Crossman 3-6, T. Sutton def. I. Crossman 6-4, T. Skyes and N. Fenaughty def. D. Tomkins and S. Pitts 8-4, J. Howe and N. Fenaughty def. J. Bavich and S. Pitts 8-3, E. Ryan and A. Basile lost to D. Crossman and A.A. Godfrey 2-8, T. Sutton and A. Basile lost to I. Crossman and A.A. Godfrey 1-8, N. Fenaughty and T. Sutton def. D. Tomkins and D. Crossman 8-1, T. Skyes and H. Crilly def. J. Bavich and I. Crossman 8-1, J. Howe and E. Ryan lost to S. Pitts and A.A. Godfrey 7-8.

GM3 West

LBU (7 sets, 79 games) def. Tatura Curlews (6 sets, 79 games)

J. Mundie def. M. Williams 6-3, G. Humbert lost to D. Smith 1-6, J. Mundie and P. Condliffe lost to M. Williams and R. Ballantyne 6-8, G. Humbert and I. Haines lost to D. Smith and M. Elliott 2-8, P. Condliffe and I. Haines lost to R. Ballantyne and M. Elliot 7-8, K. Condliffe and N. Bacon def. K. Lowden and K. Ballantyne 8-7, M. Haines and F. Bail def. K. Morse and C. Nihill 8-6, M. Haines and K. Condliffe lost to K. Lowden and K. Morse 2-8, L. Toohey and F. Bail def. K. Ballantyne and C. Nihill 8-6, J. Mundie and K. Condliffe def. M. Elliot and K. Lowden 8-7, P. Condliffe and N. Bacon def. R. Ballantyne and K. Ballantyne 8-0, F. Bail and G. Humbert lost to D. Smith and C. Nihill 7-8, I. Haines and L. Toohey def. M. Williams and K. Morse 8-4.

Echuca Cats (8 sets, 76 games) def. Echuca Bulldogs (5 sets, 73 games)

J. Hannon lost to J. Gledhill 4-6, R. More lost to T. Charnass 4-6, J. Hannon and S. Hope def. J. Gledhill and E. McGregor 8-2, R. More and P. Higgins def. T. Charnass and B. Gledhill 8-7, P. Higgins and S. Hope def. B. gledhill and E. McGregor 8-2, L. Groenwald and R. McCluskey lost to R. Dicketts and N. Jefferies 2-8, M. Winchcombe and J. Pollock def. A. Gledhill and L. Gledhill 8-5, L. Groenwald and M. Winchcombe def. R. Dicketts and A. Gledhill 8-2, R. McCluskey and J. Pollock lost to N. Jefferies and L. Gledhill 1-8, J. Hannon and M. Winchcombe def. J. Gledhill and R. Dicketts 8-7, R. More and L. Groenwald def. E. McGregor and A. Gledhill 8-4, P. Higgins and J. Pollock def. B. Gledhill and L. Gledhill 8-6, S. Hope and R. McCluskey lost to T. Charnass and N. Jeffries 1-8.

Rochester (9 sets, 82 games) def. Nathalia (5 sets, 74 games)

J. Dingwall lost to N. Bakogianis 3-6, E. Taylor def. A. Wilson 6-5, S. Ingram def. C. McLeod 6-3, E. Ingram def. H. Ginnivan 6-3, J. Dingwall and J. Ingram lost to N. Bakogianis and P. Limbrick 1-8, E. Taylor and K. Lee lost to A. Wilson and J. Nihill 3-8, J. Ingram and K. Lee lost to P. Limbrick and J. Nihill 2-8, S. Ingram and K. Taylor def. C. McLeod and D. Wilson 8-0, E. Ingram and R. Major def. H. Ginnivan and S. Vaughen 8-5, K. Taylor and R. Major def. D. Wilson and S. Vaughen 8-3, J. Dingwall and R. Major def. J. Nihill and C. McLeod 7-8, E. Taylor and S. Ingram def. P. Limbrick and S. Vaughen 8-7, J. Ingram and E. Ingram def. N. Bakogianis and D. Wilson 8-7, K. lee and K. Taylor def. A. Wilson and H. Ginnivan 8-3.

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