Tinetti rises to the challenge

January 12, 2018

The upcoming Echuca Moama Triathlon will be Aillie Tinetti's debut in the sport.

THERE is a first time for everything.

Every athlete, no matter the discipline, started somewhere.

First run, first kick of a ball, first swing of the bat.

For Aillie Tinetti, the upcoming Echuca Moama Triathlon will be her debut in the sport.

‘‘I’ve been watching this event for a while now,’’ the 25-year-old said.

‘‘I go and watch every year and have always wanted to give it a go. My problem was either fitness or pregnancy, which makes it somewhat difficult.’’

This year however, Tinetti is at peak fitness and is ready to finally take on the event, though she admits there are some nerves.

‘‘I’m pretty nervous about how the event is going to go,’’ she said.

‘‘I think you can do a lot of preparation for the event, but you still don’t know how it is actually going to go until you get there and compete.’’

Despite having observed for a number of years, the sport is still new territory for Tinetti.

Tinetti had previously competed in swimming in high school, but admits that is where her prior experience ends.

‘‘I swam when I was younger and I got a lot of enjoyment out of that, so that was a good start,’’ she said.

‘‘Since I’ve been training for the event however, I’m finding my best leg is probably the cycling. I think it shows the training is having a real impact.’’

With competing a realistic opportunity this year, that training has grown in intensity in the last few months.

‘‘I worked hard to get my fitness levels up. From there it became about making sure that I could be successful in each element of the event and I feel like I’ve gotten to that point now,’’ she said.

Having grown to love the sport as a spectator, Tinetti said that love has made the intense preparation much easier.

‘‘It’s been really quite difficult in the respect of trying to get fit for the event,’’ Tinetti said.

‘‘But what I have found is that I actually really enjoy the training aspects. I think when you are having fun with the way you’re training, it doesn’t seem like such a big issue. It’s tough, we are doing a shorter triathlon to prepare most weeks. But because it’s a sport that I really enjoy I find it so much easier.’’

With the Echuca Moama Multi Sport Weekend beginning next week, Tinetti will be getting in some late preparation the night before.

‘‘I’m going to do the fun run on the Friday night as well, only the 3km mind you,’’ Tinetti said.

‘‘It’s a good bit of preparation to have a run the night before. It will get me in the right frame of mind and warmed up ready to go, so I’m quite looking forward to the event.’’

There is still time to register to take part in the events on the weekend, with links for registration available via the Echuca Moama Triathlon Club Facebook page, or at

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