Andrew Johnston

February 08, 2018

I’M pretty miserable now.

Sunday night was the BBL final and my beloved Hobart Hurricanes were somehow there.

Monday was the Super Bowl and again, I wasn’t neutral, even showing up to work in my Patriots jersey.

I really enjoy watching my teams play.

I’m basically Homer Simpson sitting in front of the TV with his ‘‘TV Sports’’ flag.

So, two days, two sports, two teams.

Zero titles.

Now, I’m pretty spoiled as a sports fan.

I have five teams that I deeply care about - Hawthorn (above all others, Hawthorn mean everything to me), Melbourne Storm, Hobart Hurricanes, Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots.

Since 2010, these teams have combined for eight championships.

Hawthorn have three, Storm two, Red Sox one and the Patriots two.

That’s a pretty solid return.

But there is something that is absolutely awful about watching your team lose.

On Sunday night, we were in a position where realistically, I knew for most of the game that Hobart were done.

I was still pretty happy with the result, this was a team who no one, not even me, gave a chance to make the finals.

Suddenly, we were in the final of the whole thing.

And were beaten quite convincingly.

I wasn’t overly shocked, despite my disappointment.

But the Patriots...

If you follow the NFL, you know that the Patriots are really never out of a game of football.

Since he was a QB in college, Tom Brady has been known as the comeback kid.

It seems that every time the side is behind, the Pats would rally and manage to win the game.

Super Bowl 49 they got in front in the final quarter.

Super Bowl 51 they came back from 28-3 down and still won.

This is what the Patriots do — they win.

So you never feel like you’re out of the game.

So with just minutes to go, I still wasn’t worried.

Philly gets in front — still not worried.

And then Brady gets stripped in a sack.

Now I’m worried.

Philly field goal — worries.

They throw the hail mary and part of me honestly thinks it will be caught and we will at least force overtime.

We didn’t.

Oh boy.

I felt pretty damn flat afterwards if I’m honest.

I wasn’t sad or feeling like I was going to cry, don’t get me wrong.

I’ve only ever cried after one sporing event in my life, 2011 preliminary final when Collingwood sunk Hawthorn by a few points.

I was 17 years old so probably not my proudest moment.

But I think there is something about how mentally involved we get that makes us like this.

Sure, we aren’t running out on the field with the players.

But when you become invested in a team, you feel like you’re a part of it all.

It’s why I love membership of AFL clubs.

Clubs are owned by the members, so we feel like it is our club.

You ride every bump with them.

You feel great in victory.

You feel like you’ve played a role somehow.

And so it affects you in a strange way when they lose.

I love sport.

But man it gets on top of you.

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