Rich River shows why it’s No1

February 14, 2018

LBU’s Stan Brentnall is caught on the hop against Rochester.

RICH RIVER 1 has maintained its spot at the top of the CTA section 1 with a big win over Echuca South 3.

Echuca South 1 lost to Rochester 2, 10 sets to 3, lifting Rochester 2 into fourth spot.

This means that Rochester hold two spots in the section 1 finals with just a few rounds remaining.


Section 1

Rochester 1 (10 sets, 95 games) defeated LBU 1 (3 sets, 58 games)

T. Holmberg and M. Dingwall def. A. Todd and C. Byrn 8-1, Z. Holmberg def. B. Kellett 7-6, E. Taylor and S. Holmberg def. B. Kellett and M. Stone 8-3, J. Nelson and C. Hooppell def. J. Howlett and M. Brentnall 8-3, B. Letcher and J. Crockett def. S. Brentnall and M. Howlett 8-3, Z. Holmberg and J. Nelson def. B. Kellett and S. Brentnall 8-2, T. Holmberg and B. Letcher lost to J. Howlett and A. Todd 6-8, J. Nelson and B. Letcher def. S. Brentnall and A. Todd 8-5, M. Dingwall and S. Holmberg def. C. Byrn and M. Stone 8-5, C. Hooppell and B. McCarty lost to M. Brentnall and M. Howlett 6-8, M. Dingwall and C Hooppell lost to C. Byrn and M. Brentall 6-8, S. Holmberg and J. Crockett def. M. Stone and M. Howlett 8-6 , T. Holmberg def. J. Howlett 6-0.

Echuca South 1 (3 sets, 56 games) lost to Rochester 2 (10 sets, 90 games)

Z. McGrath and S. Dixon lost to G. Tiller and L. Evans 2-8, Z. McGrath def. J. Coghill 6-0, H. Armstrong and D. Glen def. N. Hocking and L. Williams 8-6, R. Caldwell and L. Beattie def. R. Holmberg and L. Gledhill 8-6, M. Summers and G. Drakatos lost to J. Coghill and E. Ingram 3-8, Z. McGrath and M. Brighton lost to J. Coghill and R. Holmberg 6-8, M. Summers and H. Armstrong lost to G. Tiller and N. Hocking 5-8, M. Brighton and R. Caldwell lost to R. Holmberg and N. Hocking 4-8, L. Beattie and S. Dixon lost to E. Ingram and L. Evans 5-8, L. Dean and S. Brighton lost to L. Williams and L. Gledhill 1-8, L. Glen and D. Glen lost to E. Ingram and L. Williams 5-8, S. Brighton and G. Drakatos lost to L. Evans and L. Gledhill 1-8, H. Armstrong lost to G. Tiller 2-6.

Echuca South 3 (4 sets, 53 games) lost to Rich River 1 (9 sets, 86 games)

C. Potter and M. Stapleton def. T. Harley and T. Godfrey 8-3, C. Potter def. T. Harley 6-4, D. Poole and B. Wright def C. Egan and C. Short 8-4, B. Potter and F. Hawken lost to D. Devereux and M. Peat 2-8, J. Shenfield and L. Taylor lost to P. Godfrey and K. Bartlett 0-8, C. Potter and B. Potter lost to T. Harley and D. Devereux 7-8, D. Poole and J. Shenfield lost to C. Egan and P. Godfrey 4-8, M. Stapleton and J. Poole lost to T. Godfrey and M. Peat 2-8, L. Taylor and B. Wright lost to K. Bartlett and K. Egan 2-8, M. Stapleton and L. Taylor lost to T. Godfrey and C. Short 3-8, F. Hawken and B. Wright lost to M. Peat and K. Egan 2-8, D. Poole def. C. Egan 6-3.

Echuca South (4 sets, 58 games) lost to Echuca Lawn 1 (9 sets, 90 games)

H. James and S. Mulcahy lost to H. Melville and S. Fayle 4-8, H. James lost to H. Melville 3-6, A. James and K. Mulcahy lost to I. Sinnett and S. Moon 5-8, Z. Fleming and H. Trewick lost to C. Turner and M. Moss 2-8, M. Stephens and B. Preen def. R. Marks and E. Canning 8-4, H. James and M. Stephens lost to H. Melville and C. Turner 1-8, A. James and Z. Fleming lost to I. Sinnett and R. Marks 4-8, M. Stephens and Z. Fleming lost to C. Turner and R. Marks 3-8, H. Trewick and S. Mulcahy def. S. Fayle and S. Moon 8-5, B. Preen and H. Mulcahy lost to M. Moss and E. Canning 0-8, H. Trewick and K. Mulcahy def. S. Fayle and M. Moss 8-5, S. Mulcahy and H. Mulcahy lost to S. Moon and E. Canning 5-8, A. James def. I. Sinnett 7-6.

Section 2

Rochester 4 (8 sets, 72 games) defeated Rich River 2 (5 games, 62 sets)

R. Fiedler and R. Wolfe def. S. Pitts and J. Sudholz 7-6, B. Fiedler lost to S. Pitts 4-6, J. Hocking and H. Hocking lost to B. Sudholz and V. Bavich 4-6, B. Fiedler and A. Winchcomb def. J. Hogan and C. Hogan 6-4, C. Peacock and C. Fiedler def. L. Pitts and A. Bavich 6-4, B. Fiedler and R. Fiedler lost to S. Pitts and B. Sudholz 5-7, J Hocking and C. Peacock lost to J. Hogan and C. Dunstan 2-6, R. Fiedler and C. Peacock def. L. Pitts and C. Dunstan 6-0, C. Fiedler and H. Hocking def. J. Sudholz and V. Bavich 7-5, R. Wolfe and A Winchcomb def. C. Hogan and A. Bavich 7-5, C. Fiedler and R. Wolfe def. J. Sudholz and C Hogan 6-2, H. Hocking and A. Winchcomb def. V. Bavich and A. Bavich 6-4, J. Hocking def. L. Pitts 6-4.

Rochester 3 (5 games, 50 sets) lost to Elmore 1 (8 games, 69 sets)

C. Murray and K. Gebbie def. R. Byrne and J. DeMaria 6-2, C. Murray lost to J. Tobin 2-6, R. Else and V. Snelling def. J. Lee and C. Holmberg 6-4, W. Peacock and J. McCormick lost to J. Holmberg and T. Pratt 1-6, J. Palmer and E. Palmer lost to B. Niven and A. Rosaia 6-7, C. Murray and J. Palmer lost to J. Tobin and R. McCaskie 2-6, R. Else and W. Peacock lost to J. Lee and J. Holmberg 6-7, W. Peacock and J. Palmer lost to R. McCaskie and B. Niven 0-6, K. Gebbie and V. Snelling def. T. Pratt and J. DeMaria 7-5, J. McCormick and E. Palmer def. A. Rosaia and C. Holmberg 6-4, K. Gebbie and J. McCormick lost to T. Pratt and A. Rosaia 3-6, V. Snelling and E. Palmer def. J. DeMaria and C. Holmberg 6-4, R. Else lost to R. Byrne 0-6.

LBU 2 (4 sets, 45 games) lost to Colbinabbin 1 (9 sets, 65 games)

L. Collins and J. McNair def. H. Hamilton and M. Ryan 6-4, L. Collins def. H. Hamilton 6-1, M. Jones and K. Duncan lost to C. Ryan and O. McEvoy 2-6, B. Humbert and B. Howlett lost to C. Hamilton and N. Hamilton 4-6, L. Ross and R. Eade lost to P. Morgan and A. McEvoy 2-6, L. Collins and C. Gardiner lost to H. Hamilton and C. Ryan 4-6, M. Jones and B. Humbert lost to H. Barlow and C. Hamilton 2-6, C. Gardiner and L. Ross lost to C. Ryan and P. Morgan 0-6, J. McNair and B. Howlett lost to M. Ryan and N. Hamilton 3-6, K. Duncan and R. Eade lost to L. Knight and P. Morrow 4-6, J. McNair and K. Duncan def. M. Ryan and P. Morrow 6-4, B. Howlett and R. Eade def. N. Hamilton and L. Knight 6-2, M Jones lost to H. Barlow 1-6.

Junior A

Rochester 6 (2 sets, 24 games) lost to LBU 3 (6 sets, 42 games)

LBU 4 (4 sets, 35 games) lost to Echuca South 5 (4 sets, 40 games)

Rochester 7 (1 set, 13 games) lost to Rochester 5 (7 sets, 45 games)

Junior B Campaspe

Echuca Lawn 2 (3 sets, 29 games) def. Rochester 10 (3 sets, 28 games)

LBU 5 (1 set, 14 games) lost to Elmore 2 (5 sets, 34 games)

Rochester 8 (1 set, 15 games) lost to Echuca South 6 (5 sets, 34 games)

Rochester 9 (1 set, 21 games) lost to Echuca South 7 (5 sets, 34 games)

Junior B Murray

Rochester 12 (2 sets, 22 games) lost to Rochester 13 (4 sets, 33 games)

Rochester 11 (6 sets, 36 games) def. Rich River 3 (0 sets, 12 games)

LBU 7 (2 sets, 23 games) lost to Echuca South 8 (4 sets, 29 games)

LBU 6 (0 sets, 9 games) lost to Echuca South 9 (6 sets, 36 games)

Junior C

Rochester 16 (3 sets, 24 games) drew Rich River 4 (3 sets, 24 games)

Rochester 15 (5 sets, 34 games) def. Rochester 14 (1 set, 23 games)

Echuca Lawn 3 (6 sets, 36 games) def. LBU 9 (0 sets, 2 games)

LBU 8 (4 sets, 29 games) def. Elmore 3 (2 sets, 21 games)



Echuca South 3-50 lt Nathalia 8-71

J. Godfrey d J. Wilson 6-3, C. Milnes lt T. Mark 4-6, T. Godfrey d L. Rainbow 6-5, H. Poole lt J. Daniel 5-6, J. Godfrey-C. Potter lt J. Wilson-A. Bakogianis 5-8, C. Milnes-C. Potter lt T. Mark-A. Bakogianis 4-8, T. Godfrey-G. Godfrey lt L. Rainbow-R. Nihill 3-8, H. Poole-G. Godfrey lt J. Daniel-R. Nihill 1-8, C. Potter-T. Godfrey d J. Wilson-L. Rainbow 8-3, J. Godfrey-G. Godfrey lt A. Bakogianis-J. Daniel 6-8, C. Milnes-H. Poole lt T. Mark-R. Nihill 2-8.

Numurkah Raiders drew Rich River Rebels

Match drawn due to heat.


Tatura Curlews 9-65 d Echuca Bulldos 4-70

R. Ballantyne lt B. Gledhill 5-6, D. Smith d E. McGregor 6-1, R. Ballantyne-M. Elliott lt B. Gledhill-T. Charnass 3-8, D. Smith-R. Thorley d E. McGregor-D. Cox 8-3, M. Elliott-R. Thorley lt T. Charnass-D. Cox 2-8, K. Ballantyne-C. Nihill d R. Dicketts-B. Gledhill 8-6, H. Thorley-K. Morse d L. Gledhill-G. Nexhip 8-3, K. Ballantyne-H. Thorley d R. Dicketts-L. Gledhill 8-6, C. Nihill-K. Morse d B. Gledhill-G. Nexhip 8-3, R. Ballantyne-K. Ballantyne lt T. Charnass-R. Dicketts 5-8, D. Smith-C. Nihill d B. Gledhill-B. Gledhill 8-7, R. Thorley-H. Thorley d D. Cox-G. Nexhip 8-5, M. Elliott-K. Morse d E. McGregor-L. Gledhill 8-6.

Rochester 8-84 d Echuca Cats 5-68

J. Dingwall d R. More 6-0, E. Taylor lt S. Hope 3-6, J. Dingwall-J. Mundie d R. More-R. McGregor 8-5, E. Taylor-P. Condliffe d S. Hope-R. Kirchhofer 8-6, J. Mundie-P. Condliffe lt R. Kirchhofer-R. McGregor 6-8, K. Taylor-R. Major lt M. Winchcombe-J. Townrow 6-8, S. Ingram-E. Ingram d J. Townrow-J. Pollock 8-3, K. Taylor-E. Ingram d M. Winchcombe-J.Townrow 8-3, S. Ingram-R. Major d J. Pollock-J. Townrow 8-3, J. Dingwall-S. Ingram d R. More-J. Townrow 8-7, P. Condliffe-R. Major lt S. Hope-M. Winchcombe 3-8, J. Mundie-S. Ingram lt R. McGreogr-J. Townrow 4-8, K. Taylor-Z. Holmberg d R. Kirchhofer-J. Pollock 8-3.

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