Tonny finds the going as easy as 1, 2 and 3

April 17, 2018

THERE are only three teams undefeated after three rounds.

And Tongala is one of them.

Coach Dylan Nexhip says it’s been a really strong start to his side’s season.

‘‘It’s great to start the year off in the way that we have,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s a really different team this year — we only have about three of the girls that we had last season — so for us to start off with this kind of form and have 12 points on the board really early in the season is something we are really happy with.’’

And they had to get that third win in some of the worst conditions possible.

‘‘Behind Finley’s courts is a dust track,’’ Nexhip said.

‘‘It was pretty windy everywhere yesterday but when you have that behind you, it becomes pretty difficult to play.

‘‘The girls were having moments where they couldn’t see the other end of the court. It was getting in their eyes and making it hard to see. You don’t expect in netball for the players to be coming off covered in mud.’’

But, as good sides do, the Tongala side adapted to the conditions to beat Finley.

‘‘In games like those, it becomes about who can execute their basics the best,’’ Nexhip said.

‘‘We were lucky that we were able to do those things well and in the end it got us the victory.

‘‘We were able to execute on our plans well once we realised what we had to change. We moved the ball across the court really well, went post to post without trying to be to tricky. You have to play a far less flashy style when you are in conditions like that, but we made the best of the situation we were in.’’

Tongala will look to extend their season to a fourth straight win this Saturday, when they take on newcomers Katandra.

The change in the fixture means a previously scheduled split round will not take place, with the Blues not getting the week off.

Nexhip said his team are looking forward to the challenge.

‘‘We know a couple of the girls we are coming up against, but it’s a whole new side and one we possibly can’t prepare for as well as we might like to have done. But it’s a case of going out and playing our best netball and hopefully that gets the job done for us.’’

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