Andrew Johnston

May 31, 2018

SO the Celtics lost to the Cavs.


It’s always disappointing when your team loses, especially at this time of year.

We were one game away from the NBA finals.

I was hoping for a Celtics v Houston finals this year.

Frankly, I’m sick of Golden State.

No matter how well they play, the Durant situation will forever leave a sour taste in my mouth.

We’ve seen super teams before — hell a bloke I’ll be talking about soon created one in Miami.

But something about Golden State being the best team in basketball, then adding another superstar, it sits badly with me.

But I’m actually not here to talk about that, you’ll no doubt hear from me again before Cleveland/Golden State IV is over.

The Celtics/Cavs series was incredible.

Boston weren’t at 100 per cent.

Missing Irving and Hayward, they could have been so much better.

That’s not an excuse — I’m using this to talk up another guy.

If you follow basketball, you’ll know that a lot of media attention was on the fact that the Celtics’ roster was lacking.

But on the other side of the floor, genuinely a shocking team was playing.

Take away their best player, they were a mediocre-at-best team this year.

The thing is — their best player is a guy named LeBron James.

And, in my opinion at least, LeBron James has now well and truly passed the great Michael Jordan as the best player to ever play the game of basketball.

My biggest reason for this is how long the two respective megastars were at their peak.

And I use the term loosely — because the King doesn’t look like he’s slowing down.

MJ at his absolute best was incredible, and let it be known that I am not in any way trying to take away from his greatness.

But watch what LeBron is doing right now.

Putting up 35-45 points every night in the playoffs in your 15th season, putting your team on your back night after night.

It’s unthinkable just how good he is.

But realistically, I think I most enjoy the narrative.

I like the fact that people see this as an era thing.

It’s like the Matthews v Carey argument in footy.

Same with the regular argument between my dad and I about Brady v Montana.

A lot of people put this whole argument down to the era that they watched the most.

I have mostly watched LeBron, relying mostly on videotape for my knowledge of Jordan.

But I like that this is a thing.

I like that people will argue about this subject.

It’s an entirely subjective thing, and the debate is usually fun.

We who believe in LeBron will reel off a list of stats to support our case.

Jordan fans will scream ‘‘Six for Six’’ in your face (because the nine seasons he didn’t make the finals don’t count, apparently.)

But debating sports will always be fun.

Your thoughts?

Let me know.

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