Bowls Report | January 29

By Riverine Herald

City of Echuca

Twenty-six teams competed in the ladies breakfast consistency fours event last Wednesday.

After two games were played the results were:

1st: Lyn Snell, Mandy Gleeson, Elyse Bennett and Kath Wastell (Moama).

2nd: Di Milgate, Jane McCallum, Elaine Hall and Marg Knight (Rochester).

Division 3 was the only midweek side to record a win in Friday’s round of pennant.

The side played Tongala and won a close match on both rinks.

Heather Trotter, Linda Ormando, Max Clifford and Jill Young won their game by two shots; and Marg Hoelter, Jenny Blaser, June Clifford and Kaye Sperling won their game by three shots.

Due to the hot weather forecast, tomorrow’s casual pairs event will commence at 9.30am.

Mid-week Pennant teams

Division 1 v Mathoura at Mathoura: J. Fairchild, L. Roney, D. Payne, N. Hall; M. Cunnington, P. Schram, K. Gillingham, L. Brown; R. Opie, K. Evans, L. Beattie, R. Gallagher/

Division 2 v Elmore at Elmore: J. Breen, A. van der Hey, N. West, G. Kerr; M. Malone, B. Chong, J. Armstrong, B. Cook; B. Johns, E. Thomas, F. Spiers, R. Neil.

Division 3 v Mathoura at Mathoura: M. Hoelter, J. Blaser, J. Clifford, K. Sperling; H. Trotter, L. Ormando, M. Clifford, J. Young.

Weekend Pennant teams

Division 1 v Deniliquin at Deniliquin: Geoff Beattie, Dennis Compton, Mark Evans, John Dinsdale; Mathew Liverton, Ivan Hicks, Jim Ferrier, Trevor Liddell; Brent Reiner, Phillip Thorn, Gary Armstrong, Steve Cunnington.

Division 2 v Deniliquin at home: Geoff Halden, Wayne Brooks, Noel West, Mal Thorn; Toby Egan, John Brown, Steve McCartney, Carly Taylor; Ian Page, John O’Brien, Jerome Shaw, Col Berryman.

Division 3 v Deniliquin at Deniliquin: Lal Whyte, Bill Cook, Matt Brighton, John Kelly; Tony Deenen, Bill Toll, Dennis Portwine, Bob Bartlett; Ian Whiting, Max Bennett, Don Hicks, Rhonda Gallagher.

Division 4 v Ky Valley View at home: Di Payne, Mike Meyer, Daryl La Velle, Steve Nolan; John Simpson, Trevor Rickard, Keith McGowan, Jacob Brighton; Ron Payne, John Dignan, John Cowan, Kevin McAsey.

Division 5 v Deniliquin at Deniliquin: Lee Beattie, Nathan Beecroft, Bobby Pratt, Robyn Tooley; John Blair, Belinda Chong, Callum O’Shea, Louisa Dean.


Social bowls on Tuesday saw the women play premium pairs with club champion Denise Gilmore combining with Lois Chugg (s) to completely decimate the field and run out comfortable winners.

In the CVBD midweek pennant on Friday, our teams travelled to Rochester and returned home a little down after suffering a 65-83 defeat with just the one rink win (Phylis MacFarlane lt. J Tamburini 21-29, Margaret Davis lt. C Anderson 16-35, Annette Brereton (s) d. E Hall 28-19).

There was no CVBD weekend pennant due to the Australia Day celebration.

Saturday saw social scrounge played in ideal conditions.

Alan Kauffman scored an impressive 45 points to win the rink from Tom Davis 36 points.

Phillip Cunnington won rink two after posting 52 points to finish ahead of Russell Shawcross on 41 points.

In the club competitions, the 21 Up Presidents trophy is nearing semi-final stage.

Kalvin Stout accounted for Owen McPhee, Brian Kinnane beat David Blackburn in a close affair while Ian Johnson moved into the next round after his opponent Bill Musgrove had to retire due to illness.

The 100 Up competition is running smoothly with Tom Davis edging out David Blackburn, Andrew Harris out-bowling Neil Haines, while Ian Johnson was too consistent and defeated a gallant Dave Thomas.

Phillip Cunnington squared the ledger with Owen McPhee for a win after McPhee accounted for Cunnington in the 21 Up championship round.

The Lockington Bowls Club was saddened to learn of the passing of Ron Main on Friday.

Ron Main was a staunch supporter of the club and enjoyed playing pennant and the Sixty and Over competition as well as attending several working-bees over the years.

Sincere condolences to the Main family.

There was a handy gathering assembled for the Friday evening barbeque and practice session.

The winner of the lucky members draw was Mary Thomas.

The club is gearing up for the Annual Cunnington Cup Mixed Pairs on Sunday starting at 1.00pm.

We have a capacity field of 24 teams to do battle for the coveted trophies.


Pennant Results

Mid-week Pennant — Friday, January 24

Division 1 v Rich River at Rich River: Mathoura 80 def. Rich River 68.

Division 3 v Moama Green at Moama: Mathoura 53 def. Moama Green 42.

Ladder: Div 1 — 3rd; Div 3 — 3rd.

Weekend Pennant: There was no play on Saturday due to the Australia Day long weekend.

Club Championship

Men’s Pairs

Round 1: M. McDonald/A. W. Murphy def. D. Wardlaw/S. O’Callaghan; D. Murray/L. Bates def. C. Roberts / M. Humphreys; B. and A. Vesty def. A. Ellis/J. Bates; J. and A. Hulm. def. J. Toomey/T. O’Callaghan.

Round 2: A. Prime/D. Hicks def. A. Cowley/M. Beeche.

B grade Singles: T. O’Callaghan def. J. Dean; P. Wilson def. G. Lumsden; A. Prime w/ o T. Starkey.

Mixed Pairs: R. Shea/L. Vallance def. D. and B. Murray; J. and D. Hicks def. C. and J. Moss.

The final between R. Shea/L. Vallance and J. and D. Hicks will be played at a date to be advised — check at the bowls office for the date.

The draw for the 100-Up Handicap has been completed, please check at the bowls office to see who you have drawn so you can play your match as soon as possible.

Tournament — Mathoura Memorial Day, Sunday February 23

The event will be two-bowl triples.

We will be supporting Beyond Blue on this day annd there will be many fundraising activities with more details to follow.

Entries to R.Werner on 0408 568 338 or the club on 03 5880 3200.


Indoor Bowls

Tuesday January 14 — Indoor Social Bowls: Winners: Helen Salter, Rick Panozzo, Bill Musgrove. Runners-up: Carol O’Callahan, Ken Hopper, Ivy Nash.

Thursday January 23 — Indoor Social Bowls: Winners: Pam Kerr, Denise Lee, Ron Hooper. Runners-up: Lyn McVicker, Max Kerr, Peter Pavone.

Sunday January 26 — Indoor Social Bowls: Winners: Mike Barkham, Pat Nash, Joan Heales. Runners-up: Helen Salter, Rick Panozzo.

Outdoor Bowls

Tuesday January 21 — Ladies Social: Winners: Mary Kaine, Sharon Reed. Runners-up: Lyn Snell, Sandy Harvey. Consolation: Margot Brennan, Dawn Armstrong Cheryl Doherty, Lois Barbary

Tuesday January 21 — Alby Matthews Triples: Winners: Graham O’Brien, Eddie Smith, Mike Geoghegan. Runners-up: Barry Brennan, Don Alden, Eugine Xodo. Consolation: Joe Murphy, Gordon Johnston, Neil Munro Greg Pettigrove, Graeme Iredell, Wayne Whitney. Best first game winners: Barry Barbary, David Lonnie, John Shaw.

Wednesday January 22 — Evening Open Pairs: Winners: Russell Kelly, Peter Hall. Runners-up: Sue Holmes, Jock Linehan. Consolation: Peter Broom, Judy Vise Libby Jennings, Andy Jennings. Best first game winners: Rob Wastell, Kath Wastell.

Thursday January 23 — Ladies Scroungers: Winner: Shirley Riters. Runner-up: Lois Barbary.

Thursday January 23 — Men’s Pairs: Winners: Neville Varcoe, Wayne Stephenson. Runners-up: George Thornley, Tony Hawley. Consolation: Ian Smith, Allan Buzza Wally Wadge, David Lonnie. Best first game winners: Tom Portor, Neil Munro.

Sunday January 26 — Sunday Roast Mixed Pairs: Winners: Shirley, Kevin. Runners-up: Elise, Dennis.

Rich River

Round 11 of mid-week pennant was played on January 24 with division 2 continuing on their winning ways and are currently placed seond on the ladder and looking forward to participating in the finals.

There was no weekend pennant played over the Australia Day weekend and round 11 is set for Saturday, February 1.

Three of our mid-week teams are currently well placed on the ladder and a fourth team knocking on the door with three rounds to be play.

Our Norm Knopp Tournament, being played on February 9 at 9.30am, is now an open competition so we welcome any mixed teams who may be interested in participating.

Men’s Jackpot Pairs results for Wednesday January 22

Some quite excellent bowling results were recorded so well done to those successful on the day.

Two Game Winners

1st: John James and Geoff Whiting - 58 points/21 shots up.

2nd: Barry Downer and Graeme Moffat - 57 points/19 shots up.

3rd: Trevor Nagorcka and John Hewlett - 55 points/20 shots up.

Repecharge Winners

Noel Dixon and Bruce O’Neale - 9 ends won/10 shots up.

Both the Men’s and Ladies’ 100-up competitions are moving along nicely but we all just need to be mindful that completion dates need to be adhered to and meet the dates set down for the final games to be played.

Mid-week pennant teams

Division 1 v Rochester at Rochester: Lyn Barker, Rose Sinclair, Leon Sharp, Noeline King; Liz Easther, Marg Young, Toni Beck, Ashley French; Marg Griffiths, Pat Sehestdedt, Roseanne Sharp, Wendy Nagorcka.

Division 2 v Rochester at Rochester: Jan Hocken, Marie Stevens, Jan McEwan, Bill Wheeler, Virginia Noar, Wilma Williams, Judy White, Betty Linquist; Phil Stiles, Rose Wheeler, Prill Edgar, Anne Kosch.

Division 3 v Moama Red at Moama: Bev Mills, Rita Moresco, Joy Kelly, Fran Galvin; Lois Williams, Eileen Pineo, Cath McKenzie, Merle Smith.

Weekend pennant teams

Division 1 v Tongala at Tongala: Stan Barker, Max Kosch, Ken Jones, Bill McEwan; Trevor Nagorcka, Barry Devlin, David Newman, Bruce ONeale; Gary Radford, Noel Dixon, Roy Berryman, Eugene Xodo.

Division 2 v Tongala at home: Tim Noar, Graeme Moffat, Paul Kearney, John Langley; Hugh Davies, Darryl Wood, Franco Perissinotto, Peter Moon; Robert Taylor, Robert King, Allan Linquist, Leon Sharp.

Division 3 v Elmore at Elmore: Robert Holmfield, Ron Ritchie, Keith Rowan, Paul Wallace; Ron Bentley, John James, Renn Ritchie, Ashley French; Gerry Devlin, Barry Downer, Geoffrey Rayner, Des Sehestedt.

Division 4 v Tongala at home: John Stuart, John Exton, Warwick Stiles, Kip Read; Keith Robertson, Graeme Edgar, John Hewlett, Roger Teasdale; Vic Woods, John Armstrong, George Clarence, Robert Brereton.

Division 5 v Tongala at Tongala: Barry Kelly, Graeme Williams, Peter Jackson, Barry Cox; Mel Velt, Malcolm Mitchell, Geoff Kiefel, Doug Jay.

Emergencies: Peter Preston, Adrian Costello, Ken Dashwood.

Duty team: Robert Taylor, Robert King, Allan Linquist, Leon Sharp.

Senior Citizens

Winners for Friday, January 24 were Elaine Murphy and Dot Brennan.

Runners-up were Myrle Clancy, Joan Hales and Rhonda Maxey.

New members are welcome.