Croquet report | September 11

By Riverine Herald

Echuca Moama

The club is back for its playing days and what more could you ask for than the beautiful weather and being outdoors with friends.

After all the stop-starts in the last few weeks it’s great to be able to get back out on the courts.

We are only allowed a minimum number of players though.

Everyone is enjoying their games.

The club would like to wish Vince Jessen a speedy recovery after his health scare.

We all miss you and can’t wait to see you back on the courts.

Friday was very enjoyable with 10 players in attendance.

There were five members from Echuca and five members from Rich River.

It’s good to see that they still want to play and mix in with other players when they can’t go to their own club.

Everyone played singles.

‘‘Twinkle toes’’ John Tarrant was on a roll.

His jump shots were perfect and he scored six.

Russell Smythe did his best to catch up with John on jump shots, scoring three.

Jill Graham scored a hoop-in-one.

Monday’s results

It was a beautiful spring day for playing croquet.

Our next complaint will be that it’s too hot.

The members took their jackets off as the day warmed up.

We have a new member and his name is Steve.

He showed his natural ability and gave our members a little promise to look out for his competition.

‘‘Twinkle toes’’ John Tarrant was on the ball again with his jump shots, scoring five.

We will have to change his name to jumping Johnnie.

One of his jump shots also went to the next hoop — not bad for an 85-year-old.

Happy birthday to John for September 19.

The consistent Peter Van Der Zande had two jump shots.

Beryl Ash and John Graham got two each as well.

Jill Graham and Jeff Pumpa had one jump shot each.

The winner for the day was Beryl Ash winning her three games with a nett hoop score of plus 11.

Runner-up was Peter Van Der Zande with a nett hoop score of plus 9.

Good croquet everyone and keep up the good work.

Stay safe and keep well.

Rich River

On Thursday last week it was breezy, but the sun was quite warm as 15 players took to the courts for golf croquet doubles.

There were four players who won all three of their games.

Leading the field was James Gunn with a nett hoop score of +13, followed by Anne Dodd with +11, Darren McLoughlin on +7 and Maree Maher on +6.

Dave Hocking scored a hoop in one.

It was lovely weather for croquet again on Tuesday and 15 players enjoyed golf croquet doubles.

Seven players played three games each, while eight played two and adjourned to the bistro for lunch.

There were three three-game winners.

Ian Grant was ahead with a nett hoop score of +15, followed by James Gunn with +10 and Dave Maher with +7.

Rich River’s Marjorie Grant is happy to introduce interested people to croquet which is a social, low impact and strategic game that is also competitive and a lot of fun.

It’s good for the body and good for the mind.

If you live in NSW this is something you can look at while some of your other activities may be limited.

If you live in Victoria, make a note of Marjorie’s number and contact her when restrictions are lifted to the point you can travel to NSW for sport.

Marjorie can be contacted on 5480 9985.